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Nantong Toohey Machinery Co., Ltd. is a global industrial enterprises fully automated production solution scheme of system integration suppliers, we specialized in machinery and equipment R & D, manufacturing and installation.
We Headquartered in Nantong, China, the total assets of 152 million yuan, the 1st phase and the 2nd phase of the plant covers an area of 60,000 ㎡. We has 270 employees, all kinds of technical staff accounted for 30%. Now, the company is planning establishment of Toohey (Germany) R & D center...


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Specializing in the research and development, manufacturing and installation of equipment in the CCL industry, new material industry, and insulation material industry

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A modern professional machinery and equipment technology enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, installation and commissioning


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The company adheres to a high starting point and high requirements, and always provides customers with excellent products and services


High Shear Kettle: Increases the speed of your chemical reactions

High Shear Kettle: Increase your chemical reaction speed In chemical experiments, reaction speed is a very important factor. If you want to speed up your chemical reactions, then a high-shear kettle might be the right choice for you. This article will introduce you to the high shear kettle and its application in chemical experiments. A high shear kettle is an experimental device with high shear forces that accelerate chemical reactions in a mixture. It consists of a rotating blade and a fixed container, when the mixture passes through the blade, it will form a strong shear force, which promotes the thorough mixing of the reactants and the improvement of the reaction speed. High shear kettles are widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry and other fields. In the chemical industry, high shear kettles are often used to mix and dissolve reactants to increase reaction speed and yield. In the pharmaceutical industry, high-shear kettles can be used to prepare intermediates and final products of pharmaceuticals. In the food industry, high-shear kettles can be used in processes such as stirring, mixing and emulsification to improve product quality. The advantage of the high-shear kettle is not only to increase the reaction speed, but also because of its simple operation, remarkable effect and strong scalability. It can be adapted to laboratories of different scales and industrial production, and provides an effective tool for scientific researchers and engineers to improve their experimental efficiency and product quality. if you are still right


High shear kettle: make your chemical production more efficient

High-shear reactor: Make your chemical production more efficient In the field of chemical production, high-efficiency reactors are crucial to improving production efficiency and quality. A high shear reactor is a special type of reactor that is popular for its high efficiency and adaptability. It is more and more widely used in chemical production because it can complete various chemical reactions at a faster speed and with higher efficiency, thereby improving production efficiency. A high-shear kettle is a high-speed turbo shear that agitates liquids and makes chemical reactions more efficient. It is suitable for a variety of chemical reactions, such as mixing, emulsifying, dissolving, dispersing, pulverizing and crushing, etc. The design of the high shear vessel allows it to operate at high temperature and pressure, making it suitable for a wide variety of chemical reactions. The use of high shear kettles has many advantages. First, it allows chemical reactions to be completed more quickly, increasing production efficiency. Second, it can control the reaction process and reduce the generation of waste and pollutants. Finally, its design makes cleaning and maintenance easier and safer. In the field of chemical production, high-shear kettles have been widely used, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, for example, high-shear autoclaves are used for the preparation of emulsions, suspensions and colloidal particles. In the cosmetics industry, high-shear kettles can be used to prepare lotions, creams and lipsticks, etc.


Take you to a simple understanding of waste gas incinerator

Waste gas incinerator is a kind of equipment that can decompose and convert harmful waste gas into harmless substances, and is widely used in various industrial fields. In the process of using the exhaust gas incinerator, it is necessary to pay attention to its maintenance and maintenance work to ensure its normal operation, prolong its service life and play a great role. This article will introduce in detail from the two aspects of the use and maintenance methods of the exhaust gas incinerator. 1. The use of waste gas incinerator to reduce environmental pollution: waste gas incinerator is an efficient waste gas treatment equipment, which can decompose and convert harmful waste gas into harmless substances, effectively reducing environmental pollution and harm. Saving resources: Adopting high-efficiency combustion technology can maximize the use of heat energy, improve energy utilization, and save resources. Improve production efficiency: The computer automatic control system can automatically adjust the combustion parameters according to different exhaust gas components and emission standards, realize fully automatic operation, and improve the processing efficiency. Reduced costs: High degree of automation can reduce manual intervention and operating costs. At the same time, it also reduces the economic cost of the enterprise of environmental protection equipment. Second, the maintenance method of the exhaust gas incinerator Regular inspection: The exhaust gas incinerator needs to be inspected regularly, including the cleaning and inspection of the burner and the discharge pipe, to ensure its normal operation. If any

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